To Be Born Again

Listen to ‘Kaleidoscope’ by Dorothy Bird

What do you do when the world turns its head from turmoil? Let ‘Kaleidoscope’, the latest masterpiece from acclaimed electro-pop songwriter Dorothy Bird, soothe your soul with its still reflections on unconditional love and support during changing times. Sounding like its si@ng atop a drowned world, ‘Kaleidoscope’ leads you from temptation to despair, all the way down the line to hope. Follow its magical cello line, as it rests easy on a bed of beautiful piano/synth and caressed nylon string guitar, to a born-again conclusion.


“I thought it would be nice to use the kaleidoscope as a compass in life,” reveals Berlin-born musician and songwriter Dorothy Bird. “The shapes are constantly changing, as they do in life, and the things that we do are defining the shapes that we will become ourselves.”

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Warm soundscapes, beguiling melodies, arresting arpeggios and a deep love of European culture define the music of Dorothy Bird. The songs might be still, but it’s all happening below the surface with the music of this artist who divides her time between Berlin and Liverpool. Crystalline vocals as pure as a drink of water from the streams of your favourite fairy tale dominate the sounds Dorothy Bird makes. Songs betwixt and between this world and another one only glimpsed in the nostalgic memories of childhoods past are revealed in the delicate melodies and poetic lyrics of this acclaimed artist.

“Can you grasp the breeze out of the air,” she sings inside the still waters of latest single ‘Kaleidoscope’ and you get the feeling it’s more of an acid test than a question…