Full Biography

Leading with heartbreaking delicacy and a clear sense of artistic intention, Dorothy Bird makes music for heavy thinkers to escape into. Her songs express complex emotions and ideas, soothing the soul and welcoming a moment of calm and freedom from the chaos of the world.

Presenting engaging, warming soundscapes, alongside beautifully pure vocals that softly and melodically whisper poetic references on life, Dorothy‘s songwriting speaks volumes on behalf of talent and authenticity.

Backed by a plethora of positive reviews from the likes of BBC Introducing‘s Dave Monks and renowned blogs such Fresh On The Net, Dorothy‘s reputation preceeds her – each release quickly gathering attention and proving a reliable go-to for music fans far and wide. A singer through and through, Dorothy‘s outbursts of melody soon became a known characteristic during her childhood. Never one to simply imitate, her innate need to craft original tunes is undoubtedly a life-long passion.

Having grown up between Berlin and Sofia, the influence of European choirs and cultures shines brightly. Her quiet confidence exudes identity and depth. To then study Music at Bremen at Hochschule für Künste (University of Arts Bremen), the natural next steps were to fully immerse herself in a life of performing and composing. Her voice made the melodies, her hands took to the keys and synthesizers for a gently retro, coloruful electro-pop backdrop.

Influenced by Björk and Portishead as much so as Thom Yorke and Goldfrapp, the art-pop singer and songwriter already has two solo EPs to her name. One is the well-received ‚Out Of The Dark‘, featuring acoustic softness interwoven amidst layers of electronica and indie-pop experimentation. A plethora of singles have also emerged, not least of all ‚Forgot‘ – a fine example of the heartfelt nature and unwavering realness of her artistry. Seamlessly blending pop sensibilities with a unique manner of sound design, Dorothy‘s live performances are as impactful as her studio recordings. She‘s graced the stage at multiple international music and art festivals, including two shows at Liverpool‘s Threshold Festival, plus performances at Wintergarten and Chamaleon in Berlin, and the Music Room of the Liverpool Philharmonic. Understanding her audience and consistently pouring only the most intimate ideas and feelings into deeply atmospheric ambiances has become second nature.

Balancing an interest in German and Bulgarian literature, boasting work as both an actress and director of musical and scenic readings at TIK in Berlin, Dorothy currently writes solo music alongside composing stage audio for interdisciplinary projects – music, visuals, poetry, dance and acting for the Center for Moving Art ZBK. No day is wasted, and this experience, dedication and longevity shines beautifully throughout her work.


“Really nice, that” – Dave Monks BBC Introducing
“characteristically individual…lovingly arranged” – Neil March, Fresh on the Net
“a wonderful single…gets under the skin” – Liverpool Sound & Vision about the single ‘Under Water’
“It is certainy also both epic and cinematic. Gorgeous too.” – Trust The Doc, Neil March
“Aided by a beautifully haunting arrangement, Forgot is the guardian of the soul, one that never neglects to remind us of who we are.” – Liverpool Sound and Vision about the single ‘Forgot’
“playful layers of sound on top of each other. Wonderful” DE:”Ihr Sound poppig, mit dieser nordischen Attitüde, verspielte Klangschichten aufeinander zu häufen. Wundervoll.” – Inforadio/RBB



‘Kaleidoscope’ // Single 2021
‘Forgot’ // Single 2019
‘Under Water’ // Single 2019
‘Out of the Dark’ // EP 2018
‘Flowers’ // Single 2017
‘Falling Awake’ // EP 2015

Releases Stage Music

‘Wabi~Sabi’ – Dorothy Bird meets Circus Sonnenstich // LP 2018

Line Up

Julia Fiebelkorn aka Dorothy Bird
– singer, composer, synths, production

Guest Musicians

Jon Lawton – guitar, production
Hiromu Seifert – drums
Natasha Jaffe / Luke Moore / Barbara Hanssen – cello
Amy Chalmers – violin
Sina Schmidt – backing vocals