Operation Lightfoot Operation Lightfoot’s creative team includes regular collaboration partners from almost all creative disciplines. This means that we have a very broad collective skill set, an understanding of each other’s process, and plenty of experience working together. Dorothy Bird is collaborating as a singer and composer. Luke Moore - Artistic Director
ZBK - Zentrum für bewegte Kunst // Circus Sonnenstich The ZBK is an artistic project with social responsibility for a comprehensive society. There are a lot of people with Down syndrome or other learning difficulties who see the opportunity to be seen as strong artist personalities and competent circus trainers * at the center of society. Circus Sonnenstich develops unique productions in the format of the contemporary circus. With artistry, dance, sounds and live music, the ensemble immerses itself in the world of WABI-SABI in interaction with guest artists. Julia Fiebelkorn aka Dorothy Bird composes all stage music for Sonnenstich's new show WABI-SABI. For the previous shows she has composed all music with Leo Solter and under direction of Anna-Katharina Andrees. Director & Production Manager: Anna-Katharina Andrees General Manager ZBK: Michael Pigl-Andrees